How do I get to Whispering Wall?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/04/2023

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Located near the Barossa Valley in South Australia, the Whispering Wall is where you can hear someone on the other side of the wall whispering.

The best way to get to Whispering Wall is via a car or a tour. It is about an hour’s drive from Adelaide and only 15 minutes away from the Barossa Valley. The wall is open from 8:30 AM every day and closes at 5 PM during standard time and 8 PM daylight saving time. To make your trip worthwhile visiting the Whispering Wall, we recommend a tour. Doing a tour allows you to not only visit the Whispering Wall, but you can do a winery tour to Barossa Valley.

Wine and Food Lover’s Barossa Valley Tour

For this tour, you leave the city and drive through Adelaide Hills. Your first stop is at the Whispering Wall. After you’ve heard some whispers from other people, you head to the Barossa Valley. From here you go to a few different wineries to try the local wines. You’ll get a delicious lunch on the tour at one of the wineries. You also make a stop in the European town, Tanunda.

Why was the Whispering Wall built?

Whispering Wall construction finished in 1903. The wall is part of the dam wall in the Barossa Reservoir Reserve. The wall was built to be a backup water supply for the nearby town, Gawler. Citizens used water from a well in the South Para River, but were worried about the quality.

How can I hear someone whispering?

If you whisper, someone 140 metres away would be able to hear it. Or someone could be whispering 100 metres away from you. You can hear the whispering so clearly because of the parabola effect. It’s because the wall is a perfect circle which causes the soundwaves to move around so easily.

Things to do at the Whispering Wall

The view of Whispering Wall is stunning as you will get sights of the Barossa region. You can overlook the water and the greenery. Around the Whispering Wall is the Barossa Reservoir Park. You might be able to spot some pink gum trees or pine trees when overlooking the park. In the park, there is local wildlife such as kangaroos and koalas which visitors have been able to spot. The park also is a great location to do some bird watching. There are several birds to spot from little ravens, Adelaide rosellas and magpies.

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