How much wine does the Barossa produce?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/04/2021

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The Barossa Valley is the crown jewel of Australia’s winemaking regions, a hallowed sprawl of fertile vineyards producing some of the world’s finest vintages, with the likes of Penfold’s, Yalumba and Seppelt being just a select handful of some of the legendary names applying their trade in the valley!

Wine Grapes the Barossa Valley

Given that the Barossa is famed for its winemaking, it’s safe to assume they produce a few barrels of it over the course of the year. In fact, the Barossa Valley’s average yearly wine production weighs in at a massive 52,082 tonnes, giving a cheeky indication of just how central wine production is to the beautiful region.

And where there are abundant wineries there are also abundant activities, and the Barossa Valley is absolutely full of them. Here are some of the awesome activities that await you in this most magical part of Oz…

Cellar doors, for sure!

The Barossa is a place where winemakers take their cellar doors seriously. In this fertile valley, you will find some of the most elegant and ornate cellar door experiences from Australia to Alsace, with the likes of Yalumba, Seppelt, Chateau Tanunda and Peter Lehman all providing amazing cellar door experiences in charming settings.

What’s more, these cellar door experiences are typically complete with some of the delightful produce that the Barossa is also famed for, so be sure to take your appetite for food along with your penchant for plonk!

Barossa farmers markets

So, the Barossa Valley is also great for food, right? And so it’s only natural that the region plays host to two of Australia’s most gourmand farmers markets in the Barossa Farmers Market and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

Both markets specialise in different things, but one thing is for sure: you are bound to find all manners of sumptuous meats, cheeses, breads, fruit and veg as well as, of course, a few bottles of fine Barossa wine to accompany those delicious treats!

The Maggie Beer Farm Shop

Australia’s favourite gourmand, Maggie Beer, couldn’t have a farm shop anywhere else! She is a Barossa legend, a person who encapsulates the ingenuity and passion of Barossa Valley produce.

Her Barossa farm shop is a truly joyous place to visit, replete with delightful treats, cooking classes and even a rustic homestay for people who want to get the full Beer experience!

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