Is Hahndorf worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/11/2022

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 The small town of Hahndorf in the hills of Adelaide is one of South Australia’s most loved locations. Settled by European migrants in the early 1800s, Hahndorf proudly holds onto its rich German heritage, as is evident to anyone when walking through the main street.

Heritage listed buildings line the streets, German-style architecture is on display, and you can enjoy traditional German meals at restaurants like the Hahndorf Inn. Even the trees that line the streets are a part of history – many still standing that were planted in the late 1800s.

What to do in Hahndorf

  • Immerse yourself in Hahndorf history

    Found by Europeans led by Captain Dirk Hahn in 1838, there is much to learn about the early days in Hahndorf. Visit Hahndorf Academy and explore the galleries, shops, and museums which pay homage to the German roots. You can make a trip to The Cedars – the well-preserved home of Australian artist Sir Hans Heysen.

    If you’re just after some tasty and authentic German food be sure to stop into the German Inn for a kransky, or the Hahndorf Inn for a pork knuckle and pretzel.

  • Go strawberry picking

    At Beerenberg Family Farm. Strawberry picking is the perfect way to spend a wholesome afternoon with family or friends. Walk through the strawberry fields and enjoy the sunshine as you forage from fresh, juicy strawberries.

    Pay a small entry fee, take your container, and start picking. You pay at the end by weight. The strawberry picking is open most days from November through to April – be sure to check the website before you arrive to avoid disappointment. If you’re visiting Hahndorf in the cooler months, the farm is still worth a visit to pick up Beerenberg-made sauces, jams, curds, and relishes.

  • Enjoy a wine tasting or two

    Hahndorf is situated in the middle of the 2 exquisite wine regions. Well known not only in South Australia, but renowned around the world are wines coming from both McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley. After getting your fix of Hahndorf, you can head south to McLaren Vale or north to the Barossa and take your pick from the hundreds of exceptional wineries.

    Enjoy a tasting of wines and add in a charcuterie board while you’re at it. These regions of Adelaide produce award winning wines and spirits, so it would be rude not to have a try while you’re there, right? Many of the wineries have a cellar door or full restaurant attached if you need a bigger meal.

    You are conveniently close to Adelaide, so if you aren’t staying out in the hills you can head back to the city for dinner after a wonderful day exploring the lush vineyards and charming Hahndorf.

Getting to Hahndorf from Adelaide

Hahndorf is within easy reach of South Australia’s capital Adelaide.

Join a tour to wineries in McLaren Vale or the Barossa Valley for tastings, many of which will stop in Hahndorf along the way and give you enough time to look around and pick up a souvenir. If you want a little more time to explore the town on your own, hire a car and drive 30 minutes to Hahndorf in the hills. Parking can get tricky in the busy summer months, so you may need to walk a little from wherever you park.

It is a charming and quaint town to explore, and there is a reason it is one of South Australia’s most visited tourist destinations. Be sure to include a stop in Hahndorf on your next Adelaide winery day, and let your family and friends know if you think it’s worth visiting yourself.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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