Is the Barossa Valley open?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/14/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

The Barossa Valley is Australia’s quintessential gourmand paradise, with world-class wine and fresh produce the go-to for anyone venturing to this wonderfully bucolic part of Oz!

We should just start by saying that yes, the Barossa Valley is most definitely open! You can traverse this stunning region, going from winery to produce farm to restaurant as you please, though it is always a good idea to call ahead and book your table spot at said locations.

What awaits you is a smorgasbord of fine food, wine and good times, with these experiences making your Barossa sojourn totally unforgettable:

Wine tasting

The Barossa is Australia’s gem in the wine crown, with some of the world’s most famous New World wine vintages coming from this fertile valley. The likes of Chateau Tanunda, Peter Lehmann, Seppelt and Yalumba (among others) all call the marvellous Barossa home, and you can be very sure that you will be able to taste their fine varieties paired with amazing food to boot!

Wine tasting – and picking up a few bottles to take home – is what makes the Barossa such a joyous place to visit. Simply take your spot at the counter, listen to some true experts discuss their wine’s magic, and taste the goodness before deciding on which drop is suitable for your rack or cellar.

Maggie Beer Farm Shop

Maggie Beer is an Aussie legend: we have been watching her create delightful delicacies and grow gorgeous produce for years, with her wonderful Barossa Valley farm always serving as the quaint backdrop to all this goodness in motion!

Thankfully for us, Maggie allows us to visit her farmhouse which is complete with a gourmand shop, cooking classes and a rustic farmhouse where you can spend the night.

Who knows? The farmhouse could serve as the ultimate jumping point to enjoy the other joys that await you in the wondrous Barossa?

Farmers markets

Because it’s the Barossa! The place is world-famous for its produce, with top quality dairy, meat, bread, fruit and vegetables among the goodies you can pick up in this bon vivant’s holy land.

You have two amazing markets to choose from – the Barossa Farmers Market and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market – each with their own special goodies. We recommend heading to both though – you can create a really good spread with a combo of goods from both…

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