Must visit lavender farm in Adelaide

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/22/2024

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Spend a few hours enjoying the panoramic views across a gorgeous purple lavender farm.

There are a couple of different lavender farms in Adelaide. If you want to see one, the must visit lavender farm in Adelaide is Lyndoch Lavender Farm. This farm is South Australia’s largest lavender farm and is nestled in the Barossa Valley, about an hour’s drive from Adelaide City.

Lyndoch Lavender Farm

How can I get there?

The best way to get to Lyndoch Lavender Farm is via car. You can hire one for the day and drive from the city down North East Road (or Lower North East Road which turns onto North East Road).

Continue down until you turn off to S Para Road and keep driving until you hit a T section. Turn left down Queen Street which soon turns into Lyndoch Valley Road.

Soon you’ll turn right onto Hoffnungsthal Road and then left down the same road that leads you right down to the lavender farm.

What to do at Lyndoch Lavender Farm

The Lyndoch Lavender Farm offers a bit of everything! You’ll see beautiful views, time together with family, friends or pets, and delicious foods.

• Taste all things lavender
Enjoy a delicious lunch at the cafe with a unique experience of tasting different lavender foods. You can taste some lavender flavour honey, chutneys, honey, jelly, and much more! We highly recommend trying at least one lavender flavour food.

• Walk around the farm
Of course, while you’re at the farm, you must take a scenic walk to see, smell, and touch the varieties of lavender. Did you know, this farm has over 70 different lavender varieties that you can see?

• Join a tour
Book a short hour and a half tour of the farm and get shown around. The guided tour includes an informative walk where you hear about how the farm operates. You also have some tea and coffee, and a try of a lavender biscuit.

• Go shopping
The farm has a gift shop with all the different items and gifts you can buy. From body care to home care, gourmet foods, oils, and seeds.

The bath and shower gel are divine and the perfect gel to use at the end of the day to get relaxed. You could also grab the tea to have in the evening along with some lavender lollies.

Things nearby Lyndoch Lavender Farm

• Wineries
It’s a given with the lavender being in the Barossa Valley that you’ll find quite a few wineries close by. Some of the closest wineries you can visit for a tasting include Kies Family Wines, God’s Hill Wines, Hemera Estate, and Kellermeister.

• Visit nearby towns
You are only a short drive away from some popular Barossa Valley towns. Of course, after you’ve also checked out Lyndoch, try to stop by Tanunda, Angaston, Nuriootpa, and Gawler.

• Whispering Wall
Perhaps on your way towards Lyndoch Lavender Farm, you can check out Whispering Wall! The wall is in the Barossa Reservoir Reserve and is best known as the place where you can whisper to someone on the other side.

You could easily spend a couple of hours wandering around Lyndoch Lavender Farm. Enjoy a scenic stroll through the farm on a warm summer day and taste some flavoursome lavender treats at the cafe.

Cameron Ward
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