The Whispering Wall: Experience the fascinating effect of the Barossa Reservoir

The beauty of the Barossa Valley can be found just 60 km north of Adelaide, this valley is home to some of the country’s best wineries and farms. This luscious and fruitful landscape is supported by the water of The North Para River which flows through the Green Valley of Southern Australia.

The town of Gawler in the Barossa Valley region was originally founded by European settlers in 1842, who discovered the land’s bountiful nature. Once they had realised that they were standing on the perfect soil for farmlands, the development of the Barossa Valley Wineries began. By 1899 the valley had grown into productive farmlands and wineries, which prompted the building of the Barossa Reservoir as a backup water source. This impressive reservoir was a ground-breaking achievement for the engineering world because it was built at a curve, different to the flat-walled reservoirs across the rest of the world at the time. Completely inadvertently, the engineers in charge of the project had built what would later be known as the Whispering Wall.

The reservoir got its name because of the curious acoustics of the wall. Known as the Parabola effect, the perfect curve of the wall allows any sound to be heard on the opposite end completely clearly, and since the wall is 140m in length, this is an impressive phenomenon. The reservoir is an attraction that draws thousands of people every year to experience the excitement of their friends’ voices being carried across to them along this wall. Even if someone was to whisper the sound would be heard clearly on the other side, hence the name Whispering Wall. It truly is a fantastic experience and a great way to spend a day in the beautiful surroundings of the Barossa Valley.

Since this attraction has become so popular, facilities in the area have been added to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip to the Barossa Reservoir, with picnic grounds in the shade of the Pink Gum Trees and public bathrooms, you will be able to relax in the ambience of the natural landscape of Barossa Valley.

Many visitors refer to the Whispering Wall as ‘magical’, but there is no doubt that this word can apply to the entire valley, with wine tasting at the wineries, the beauty of nature and the Barossa Reservoir to keep you entertained, you’ll be sure to have an experience like no other.

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