Top 5 Things to Do in Adelaide

Tucked away neatly between the rolling hills of the Barossa Valley and the turquoise ocean, Adelaide is a haven of culture and history for visitors in the region.

Today, it is well-known for its excellent wine and food culture that spans the city and the surrounding wine valleys, while its bar scene and lively festivals bring in crowds all year round. Whether you’re looking to explore the wildlife, tuck into some delicious food, or soak up the cultural history, Adelaide is the perfect place to go.

Things to do in Adelaide

1. Hit up the Laneway Bars

Bar culture in Adelaide is strong, with plenty of new drinking holes popping up every month. Throughout the city’s quaint laneways, you can stop off in local eateries and small, cosy bars to refuel and hide away from the bustling crowds outside. Here, you can try everything from old warehouse bars to tapas hangouts and wine bars serving Serbian cuisine.

2. Buy Fresh at Central Market

To get a dose of local life and to soak up the buzz of the city, hotfoot it to Central Market where you can browse stalls piled high with farm-fresh goods and local produce. Think artisan cheeses, freshly smoked meats, and fish caught the very same morning. In between your buys, grab a coffee outside one of the cafes and watch the world go by.

3. Step Back in Time at Historic Port Adelaide

For a touch of history, head to Historic Port Adelaide, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by a spectacular display of 19th century buildings. Here, you can duck into classic Australia pubs and check out the views across the harbour.

4. The Galleries of the North Terrace

Art-lovers will enjoy an excursion to the North Terrace, the most elegant part of Adelaide. This is the spot where cultural institutions come together to deliver visitors an all-encompassing look at the city’s history and rich traditions. As well as the Parliament building and the Adelaide Casino, there are plenty of art galleries to check out, including local offerings and internationally renowned affairs. Finish your visit to the area with a wander around the Botanic Gardens.

5. Visit the Beach

When summer is in full swing, you’ll want to head to Adelaide’s city beaches where the locals go to soak up the sun. The city boasts a number of popular beaches, whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to read a book and catch a tan, or whether you’re on the hunt for some ocean-front adventures like surfing and other water sports.

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