What is Penfolds winery known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/08/2024

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Adelaide is known for having some incredible first-class wines and Penfolds is a wine producer that lives up to the exceptional wines.

Penfolds has a rich history of wines, but it is known for having the world’s oldest cabernet sauvignon vines that are continuously producing. In the 1880s, the vines were planted in the Barossa Valley. Now Penfolds owns vineyards across Australia to create some of Australia’s finest wines.

Penfolds is also one of Australia’s oldest wineries, opened in 1844 and continues to still produce some award-winning wines.

When is Penfolds open?

Penfolds is open throughout the week between 10 AM to 5 PM. There are dinner events that take place after 5 PM that you can book to indulge in great wine and food.

What experiences can I do at Penfolds?

Penfolds has a selection of experiences, including dinners, brunches and limited experiences during holiday periods. Each experience has different fees, so it’s best to check online or call Penfolds to confirm the price.

Magill heritage experience

To learn more about the history of Penfolds, the Magill heritage experience is one to try. The experience takes you through the original working winery. You will also see the vineyards while learning about the history and stories of Penfolds. This experience also comes in Mandarin.

Ultimate Penfolds experience

If you’re more into learning about how the Penfolds wines are created, then check out the ultimate Penfolds experience. This is where you learn the craftsmanship and philosophy of the Penfolds winemakers. You’ll go through the winery and Grange Cottage before tasting some first-class wines.

Iconic Penfolds experience

For something private and a longer experience, the iconic Penfolds experience is perfect for you. You’ll go through the winery and then into a private room where you taste some of the best Penfolds wine. To finish off the experience you will indulge in a shared chef menu lunch that will match with selected wines.

Wine tastings

At the cellar door in the Barossa Valley, you can join a tasting experience. In groups smaller than six, you can walk through the cellar door and taste some exceptional wine, but groups larger than seven should book.

There is also the ultimate tasting experience where you try some of Penfold’s renowned wines and you learn how the winemakers create the Penfolds Collection. There is a fee for the ultimate tasting experience and walk-ins are welcome!

Penfolds may be over 100 years old, but it will continue to make some of the finest wines in Australia and the world. Make sure you pop by to visit during your trip to the Barossa Valley.

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