What Towns are worth seeing in the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/30/2019

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The sprawling lush hills of Barossa Valley are bursting with impeccable nature and charming towns.

The region entices locals and tourists to trek through this paradise of wine and stunning scenery. The valley is famous for its wineries, but what really makes it special is the towns throughout the region. With a rich history and tranquil atmosphere, your troubles will melt away as you discover the Barossa Valley.

  • Tanunda

    The name Tanunda is an Indigenous word translating to Watering Hole. Tanunda became a single town in 1942 after combining a collection of small settlements to form a single community. Despite its late arrival, the town thrived and quickly became one of the most popular towns within the Barossa Valley. Continuing to grow, Tanunda is teeming with cafes, restaurants, cellar doors, and boutique shops flooded with country charm.

  • Nuriootpa

    The town was first laid out by a William Coulthard in 1850. He built the historic Coulthard House which still stands along the main street. Nowadays it is one of the major commercial centres of the Barossa Valley and the largest town in the area. It is home to multiple wineries within, including the famous Penfolds, Elderton Wines, and Wolf Blass.

  • Marananga

    Despite its small size, Marananga has a lot to offer. It is a perfect relaxing paradise within the lush greenery. Visit historic cottages available that are a moments’ walk from the popular wineries. The town is renowned for its unique music and brass bands can often be heard playing here. Listen to some live music as you sip on a glass of delicious wine and marvel at the stunning surrounds.

  • Gawler

    Galwer was South Australia’s very first country town and promises visitors a rich past and historic architecture. The town is a perfect blend of historic traditions and modern elegance. With a bucket load of boutique shops, amazing outdoor activities, and relaxing restaurants to choose from.

  • Greenock

    Barossa is known for having major German influences on its architecture, food, and history. Commonly known as Little Scotland, Greenock was founded by Scottish immigrants. You can see their influence today in the architecture of older buildings. Though it is small, amazing chefs seem to flock to the town. Be sure to visit at lunch to enjoy a delicious meal. Afterwards, pop by one of their fabulous cooking classes! The town also has a number of small wineries and even a brewery so you can wash down your food with a local beverage or two.

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