How to spend a day in Nuriootpa

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/08/2024

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The Barossa Valley is an incredible highlight and a must-visit while in Adelaide.

Without a doubt, anyone who visits Adelaide should also visit Barossa Valley to taste the local shiraz and mouthwatering meals.

About an hour’s drive from Adelaide will have you going through the Barossa Valley. You’ll drive by all the rolling hills of the vineyards, pass through many towns, and finally stop in Nuriootpa.

Breakfast and coffee at Fleur Social

Start the morning with a delicious breakfast burger and a coffee. Fleur Social has toasties, bagels, and fresh sandwiches for breakfast, brunch or even lunch!

Fleur Social is not only the spot to grab your morning coffee and breakfast… it is also a florist!

Cheese and wine at Ubertas

Spend the morning enjoying local cheeses along with seasonal sauces and savoury mettwurst. Ubertas also has the option to do a wine tasting or only grab a glass of wine. The wine tasting includes a flight of six wines, with one being their signature wine.

Lunch at The Farm Eatery

The Farm Eatery offers a five course menu or a four course menu, filled with mouthwatering meals. The food has some of the best produce the state has to offer with flavours from the Barossa Valley and the Pheasant Farm.

Stop by Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

Right next to The Farm Eatery is Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop, a place to taste Maggie’s spirits and Pheasant Farm wines. You could also book a cooking experience and take part in a seasonal cooking demonstration!

Chocolate and wine tasting at Elderton

Everybody loves a bit of wine paired with premium chocolate. Elderton Wines offers a chance to try four of their wines that are paired perfectly with delicious chocolate.

Elderton Wines also has a standard tasting, a tasting for white and lighter red wines, and much more if you’d rather opt for a different experience.

Dinner at Ember Pizza

There’s no better way to end your Nuriootpa trip than finishing off with a taste of wood-fire pizza. Ember Pizza uses local produce to make authentic Neapolitan style pizzas. With a range of pizzas, entrée, and desserts, you’ll be leaving the place feeling satisfied.

Whether you return to Adelaide or your Barossa accommodation, you will have spent the day trying amazing food and incredible local wine.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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