What is Adelaide Hills known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2023

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Right near the famous Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills is best known for its scenery and wine.

Adelaide Hills is maybe one of the newer wine regions, but it has fantastic views. Adelaide Hills is about half an hour’s drive from Adelaide city. There is so much to do in the area from the wine and food to visiting the local towns. Read on to find out some of the great places to visit when in Adelaide Hills!


Hahndorf is a small German town in Adelaide Hills. Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest German settlement and has been around since 1839! There are many traditional shops, restaurants, and cafes throughout this town. When you’re in Hahndorf, it feels completely different from the rest of Australia, and it takes you back in time. When you walk through town, you’ll be able to spot older-looking buildings. Don’t forget to pop into some of the cafes and restaurants to taste authentic German food and drinks.

Beerenberg Farm Shop

One of Australia’s favourite brands, Beerenberg is best known for its delicious jams. Beerenberg has over 100 products from jams and relishes to honey and sauces. The farm shop has exclusive products you can only buy in-store, so it’s worth a visit when you’re in Adelaide Hills! When at the farm shop you will get to see where Beerenberg grows their produce and how they make the products.


Bridgewater is one of the small towns in Adelaide Hills. It’s great to walk around Bridgewater to see some of its historic buildings. When walking around you can go and see the Millers Cottage, Bridgewater Mill, and the Old Police Station. If you decide to walk around this beautiful town, make sure you try to do it during spring and autumn.

Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty is the highest point in Mount Lofty Ranges in Adelaide Hills. When you’re at the top of Mount Lofty, you get magnificent views of the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide’s skyline. You can follow a walking trail through Mount Lofty and experience the beautiful landscapes of Mount Lofty and Adelaide Hills. When you’re in Mount Lofty, you should go check out Waterfall Gully. This waterfall is one of the largest of the seven in the area. The best time to check out Waterfall Gully is after there has been a lot of rain. You’ll be able to see Waterfall Gully at its fullest and most spectacular.

Barossa Valley

If you’re a wine lover, you are likely to have heard about the Barossa Valley. The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s most famous wine regions and is known for the shiraz. The best way to see the Barossa Valley is to go on a wine tour. On the wine tours, you go through some of the more known wineries in the region and try some samples of the wines.

You can easily spend a day or two days visiting Adelaide Hills. From trying out delicious wines to visiting some local towns.


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