What to Do at Barossa Chateau’s Rose Garden

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/17/2016

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Covering more than 25 acres of estate, Barossa Chateau boasts one of the country’s most prevalent rose gardens.

Combined with the beautiful Lyndoch Hill, the area promises a magical experience for any visitor. Here, 22km of the 25km estate is home to a dedicated rose garden with more than 5km of pathway to wander amongst.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to pass the time, this is the perfect backdrop for you.

The rose garden at Barossa Chateau celebrates the world’s favourite flower, with gardens bursting with inspiration and places to reflect and admire.

Opened back in February 2002 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the rose garden has quickly become a popular haunt for visitors in the sweeping landscape of the Barossa Valley.

Things to do at the Barossa Valley Rose Garden

  • Weave and Wander

    Weave your way along the 5km of pathways that take you past more than 30,000 rose bushes. These plants have been sourced and grown from top breeders all around the world, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Don’t forget to give them a sniff, too, as they boast their own distinct scents that add to the experience.

    As well as walkways, there are plenty of seating areas to kick back and relax in. In season, the gardens become a haven for photographers, who flock to the Chateau to capture the roses as they come into bloom.

  • Grab a Bite to Eat

    When you start to get peckish, you have a couple of options. First of all, you can grab a table at the Lyndoch Hill Restaurant, which serves up seasonal dishes fit for a queen. Here, you can marvel at the views while you tuck into your lunch.

    If you’re exploring the garden later in the day, don’t forget to grab high tea in the Rose Garden. Sip on delicious teas and snack on sumptuous pastries and cakes to refuel for more exploring.

  • Stay at Barossa Chateau

    If one day isn’t enough for you, check into the residence at Barossa Chateau. It promises luxury accommodation in the heart of the Rose Garden, and is furnished elegantly with original antique and art pieces for a cultural twist.

Barossa Chateau is a must-visit for anyone in the Barossa Valley. With its delectable restaurant, impressive house, and rolling Rose Gardens, it’s the perfect backdrop for day of exploring and relaxing.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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