Lambert Estate Wines, South Australia

The Barossa Valley is known for the exceptional part it plays in the world wine scene. Encompassing hundreds of family-run vineyards and estates, it brings the natural flavours of Australia to the globe through tasty tipple and delicious foods.

Cellar Door at Lambert Estate Wines

The Lambert Estate Winery is one of the latest vineyards to appear in the area. Set up in the 90s by Jim Lambert who had travelled from the USA to Australia, it found its place amongst the fertile soil of the Barossa Hills and remains an important part of the region today.

The Cellar Door at the Lambert Estate Winery

The most popular part of the winery is its cellar door, where visitors can try out some of the local flavours and sample delicious tipples alongside seasonal produce.

Guests can sample wines from the tasting bar, which has been elegantly designed from red gums that have been grown around the estate. You can taste the distinct flavours of the winery and learn more about the winemaking process that has made this particular brand one of the world’s favourites.

The Wines of the Lambert Estate

Lambert Estate Wines

And if you’re looking to take a bottle or two home with you, make sure you know all about the different wines the estate has to offer. Covering 100 acres of land and harbouring more than 17 different soil types, there is a huge diversity in the range of wines made on-site.

The Lambert Estate Winery is renowned for its range of premium hand-crafted wines that take full advantage of the scenery and nature that characterises this part of the Barossa Valley. From Shiraz to Cabernet Sauvignon, there’s something for everyone’s taste, whether you’re looking for light and fruity notes or a deeper, darker flavour.

As well as its cellar door and range of wines to try, the winery is home to an on-site restaurant that serves seasonal produce that pairs perfectly with its tipples.

In addition, there is a gallery that showcases some of the latest talent from the area as independent shows or part of wider cultural events in the region.

Visiting the Barossa Valley is a must-do for wine and culture lovers in Australia. As well as marvelling at the excellent landscape that defines the region, visiting places like the Lambert Estate Winery gives an insight into the workings of the wine industry and gives you the chance to taste some of the best wine varieties in the world.