Mengler Hill Lookout

The Barossa Valley is famed for its lavish wine culture and expansive views. From the Barossa Ranges, visitors can look out over a sweeping landscape of rustic vineyards, traditional farm houses, and world-famous wineries, as well as take a dive into the area’s incredible cultural heritage.

Mengler Hill Lookout

Mengler Hill is a great place to stop off and soak up the views. This incredible vantage point is one of the most popular lookouts in Barossa Valley and promises panoramic vistas as well as a quirky sculpture park.

The hill itself gets its name from one of the earliest wine growers in the region and remains an important part of the Valley today. Visitors often flock here on the journey between Tanunda and Angaston to take a look around the Barossa Sculpture Park which can be found at the base of the lookout.

Set in a stunning landscape, it’s no wonder that this valley is a prime destination for engagement parties and honeymooners, with picturesque backdrops everywhere you look, it’s next to impossible to take a bad picture here. The vibrant green leaves of trees mingling with the dark green vines and the rich earthy brown of the ground creates a spectacular tapestry that can only be described as breathtaking. Just like many other amazing sights throughout the world, Barossa is better seen from above, and the best way to do this is to travel up to Mengler’s lookout where you will have an incredible panoramic view of this mesmerising wine region. This lookout will provide you with a spectacular view down the valley where you will be able to pick out each of the wineries nestled amongst their vineyards. What makes this view even better is that no matter what the weather may be, whether the sun is shining and illuminating the glossy leaves of the valley in its rich light, or mist is sweeping across the landscape in a romantic display of nature’s true beauty, this lookout is always a worthwhile stop.

Things to Do at Mengler Hill Lookout

  • Barossa Sculpture Park

    Barossa Sculpture Park

    Art lovers will enjoy the collection of weird and wonderful sculptures that dot the hillside at Mengler Hill. Overlooking the Barossa Valley, this creative hotspot is home to a selection of artworks by nine local and international sculptors. Dating back to 1988, the sculptures were originally created as part of the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium, and they can now be seen for free against a backdrop of lush greenery and rolling hills.

    Once onsite, visitors can wander around the trail, taking in the sixteen sculptures which are made from local marble and granite. During the creation of the sculptures back in the 80s, the artists lived alongside local residents in order to get a better taste for the Barossa Valley and capture its spirit in their artwork.

  • Cycle or Walk

    The Barossa Valley has plenty to see, and exploring the area by bike or on foot is the perfect way to leisurely take in the surroundings. From Mengler Hill, you can cycle a loop around the valley, or simply take a stroll to the lookout for spectacular views.

  • Enjoy a Picnic

    And, once you’ve enjoyed the sculpture park and taken a wander, you can refuel with a picnic on one of the grassy spots that surrounds the hill and the lookout area.

Mengler Hill is a great introduction to the Barossa Valley. It marks the perfect spot to gaze out over the beautiful landscape below and provides a creative way to experience some of the area’s best scenes.

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