Whispering Wall, Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is one of the most prominent wine regions in Australia, promising an eclectic selection of vineyards and centuries-old eateries. But alongside this, it also boasts a range of impressive attractions – and the Whispering Wall is one of them.

Whispering Wall

The Whispering Wall can be found in the pretty Barossa Reservoir region just outside of Williamstown. Spanning back more than 100 years, it is world-famous for its musical abilities.

What is the Whispering Wall?

Originally built to provide a back-up water supply to the nearby town of Gawler, it soon became something else entirely. Now, it rises the equivalent of nine storeys high – a height that, at one point, made it the tallest dam in the country. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction in the area, attracting people who want to experience it’s unique “whispering” ability.

The Music of the Whispering Wall

A lot of people who visit the wall say it speaks to them. This is because when one person whispers into one side of the dam, it can be heard right at the other end, which is almost 140 metres away. It’s easy for people to hold conversations, despite the hefty distance between them.

This feature is made possible by the parabola effect. This is where the wall forms one part of a perfect circle, which as a result causes soundwaves that hit it to jump to the other end. Basically, sound travels really well thanks to its unique shape.

Things to do at the Whispering Wall

Once you’ve had a look at the wall in all its glory and tried having a conversation with someone on the other side, you can explore the other things to do in the area.

It’s now a protected area for a collection of native species, and you can spot pink gums and pine trees as you explore. On top of that, there are numerous colourful bird species that call the area home, and the unique structure of the Whispering Wall makes it the perfect place for birdwatching.

The The Barossa Valley is full of surprises, and it’s well worth setting aside some time to experience the unique sounds of this manmade wonder as well as discovering the range of wineries the region is so famous for. Give your whisper a go and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the huge selection of native animals and plants that can be found in the area.

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