5 things to do in Barossa Valley when you aren’t wine tasting

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/27/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Barossa Valley is the place to visit at least once in your life to experience a renowned wine region (even if you’re not tasting wine)!

The Barossa Valley is best known for producing award winning wine. But perhaps you aren’t a wine drinker or are looking for a family day out.

The Barossa is about an hour’s drive from Adelaide with all kinds of activities to do or places to see. Here are the top five things you can do in the Barossa that isn’t wine tasting.

1. Whispering Wall

The Whispering Wall is just outside of the Barossa Valley, but a must visit as you’re passing by. The wall is part of the dam wall in the Barossa Reservoir Reserve.

The Whispering Wall is an interesting one because you can in fact whisper and someone on the other side can hear you! This is because the wall is a perfect circle which makes the soundwaves (whisper) easily reach the other end. Test it out and bring a friend and whisper to them while they stand on the other end.

2. Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company is in Tanunda and has some of the most delicious chocolates. There are different experiences to try where you can pair chocolate with either local cordial, beer or get a sorbet, gelati and chocolate flight. You can also do chocolate pairings with wines too.

You are also able to buy all kinds of chocolate the Chocolate Company makes. Check out the cafe too for some lunch, coffee, and desserts.

3. Lyndoch Lavender Farm

Lyndoch Lavender Farm has everything in lavender that you can imagine. You’ll be able to purchase body care, oils, gourmet foods, home care, and so much more.

On the farm, there is a cafe to give you a total lavender experience. This is where you can try all kinds of delicious lavender-flavoured foods and drinks.

4. The Barossa Valley Cheese Company

The Barossa Valley Cheese Company is in Angaston and handmakes all of the cheese by skilled artisans in their own cheese cellar! You can do a cheese tasting or a seasonal platter on site and enjoy the exquisite local cheeses.

5. Barossa Heritage Trail

The Barossa Heritage Trail takes you on a natural beauty trail through the Barossa Valley. The trail takes you across more than 20 towns and over 100 attractions! The Heritage Trail is a journey as you go through the different towns and see the buildings that all have some sort of history.

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