Dry Creek Salt Crystallisation Pans – A tour of Barossa Valley

Australia’s southern regions have thrilled visitors for years, and with bustling cities, beautiful nature and incredible sights and destinations, this comes as no surprise. South Australia offers a splendid display of the country’s greatest landscapes, from the coastal regions to the natural parks and everything in between, there is no doubt that your time here will be well spent.

The city of Adelaide graces Australia’s southern coastline with its unique charm, delicious food and some of the countries finest wines coming straight from the Barossa Valley just 60kms to the north. A trip to this wonderful city is not complete without a tour of the surrounding areas, and with their premium-quality wine and unforgettable sights, it’s likely that this valley will be the highlight of your visit to South Australia.

Barossa Valley plays host to over 150 wineries and cellar doors, each one with its own expansive vineyard displaying the breathtaking beauty of this lush, productive area. Touring this region will allow you to see some of the valley’s quaint villages and small towns that are characterised by their beautiful, old German architecture and atmosphere. You will also have a chance to taste some of the very best wines in Australia through many of the cellar door facilities in the surrounding wineries. This experience will allow you to sit in the lap of luxury as you sip on delectable wines and enjoy some of the regions gourmet meals.

While the Barossa Valleys most distinctive feature is the marvellous sweeping vineyards that coat the flowing landscape in a vibrant green, even this incredible sight pales in comparison to the staggering beauty of the Dry Creek Salt Crystallisation Pans. Salt production in this area began to develop in the early 1940s, and have now grown to cover an area of around 4000 hectares! This exquisitely barren landscape spread out before you are a spectacular sight to behold, and its allure is only increased by the addition Dry 3of the setting sun as it casts a shimmering orange hue above the vast pans. These fascinating pans allow for a unique photographic opportunity as it’s not often you get to see such extensively large and flat areas framed with towering white mountains of salt.

A visit to Barossa Valley and the surrounding areas of the Dry Creek’s Salt Crystallisations Pans is the perfect way to treat yourself to a wonderful day out during your time in Adelaide.

Why wait? Check out the Barossa Valley Wine Tour when you already in the area.

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