How big is the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/19/2019

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The Barossa Valley is famous worldwide for its delicious and unique wines. 

A jigsaw of lush vineyards, sparkling farm fields, and boutique restaurants, it’s easy to get lost in the throng of activity on offer. Filling your day, weekend, or week with the endless wineries and shops around the lush valley. But with so many places to visit, the valley must be huge! ?

How Big is it?

Nestled just northeast of Adelaide, it takes a mere hour drive to reach the stunning valley. The entire area spans out to 912 square kilometres, finishing just before Truro. It is a huge place, with multiple towns and villages located within.

The History of the area

Even before European settlers came to the area, the Barossa Valley was already a natural valley perfect for wine making. This was due to the local Aboriginal communities setting off fires annually to the area, to help regenerate the vegetation, and to drive animals away from the undergrowth. Over time, the area soon became a sprawling spread of land with rich soil, shaped perfectly for vineyards. The result of these traditional cultivation techniques we’re quickly exploited by Europeans. 

Where to go within

Seeing as it is quite a big place, not all areas should be on your itinerary when visiting. Depending on your interests the towns you visit will change. Whether you are looking for the best wineries, history, food, or nature the Barossa has the pace for you.

Tanunda is undoubtedly the biggest tourist stop in the valley. A hub of activities and attractions, the town welcomes travellers with open arms. It offers delicious restaurants and delightful accommodation nearby to the most popular wineries around.

Williamstown promises unique attractions, such as the whispering wall which lets you speak to people 140 away and still hear them perfectly.

Nuriootpa, one of the popular farming towns in the valley, is home to a large main street littered with charming cafes, local art galleries, and shops.  Although it is not as big as Tanunda or Angaston, it has a certain charm to it for visitors looking for a quiet weekend.

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