How many wineries are in the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/25/2019

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The Barossa Valley is famous for its rich and bold wines. With a mixture of both large international and small boutique wineries it’d take you weeks to get to them all!

The Barossa Valley is home to over 150 wineries and 80 cellar doors. From internationally renowned wines to boutique tastes, there is bound to be a winery that suits your style.

From Barossa to the World

Some of Australia’s most recognisable wines come from the Barossa Valley region. For the wine connoisseur, the valley provides award winning vintages, with deep tastes and long diverse histories.

Penfolds is known internationally for its famous Grange. Heralded as one of the world’s most celebrated wines, Grange almost never made it to sale after it was initially universally disliked. Thanks to Max Schubert’s determination, Penfolds Grange is now one of Australia’s most successful wines.

Famous for their 100% Shiraz, Hill of Grace, Henschke is in its six generation of family wine makers. Born from 150year old vines, Henschke still ferments their award-winning Hill of Grace in traditional open-top fermenters.

Head to either of these world-famous wineries in the valley for an exclusive tasting of their prized wine varieties.

Boutique in the Barossa

Nestled among some of Australia’s favourite wineries you’ll find many small batch and boutique cellar doors just waiting for your discovery.

Husband and wife duo Fi and Col Sheppard opened Flaxman Wines in 2004. Each year the grapes are harvested by hand before being made into wine onsite. A visit during vintage gives visitors a firsthand view of the wine making process. Sit down for a glass and pair it with a locally sourced cheese platter. Enjoy while taking in beautiful views and giving the winery mascot, Gus, a belly rub or two.

Arno Wine Co produces what they like to call “dangerously drinkable wines”. All their wines are small batch, and produced exclusively with local fruits. Arno emphasises taste and sustainability in all their batches. Their wines reflect the valleys crop for the year, and while they’re always keen for some wine talk, they believe that deliciousness is the most important result. Tastings are by appointment only but no matter the time of year they’ll do their best to showcase their part of the Barossa.

For the casual drinker

For the drinker who is simply looking for a winery with great views and good Shiraz, the Barossa has you covered too.

One of the Barossa’s most recognisable names, Jacob’s Creek is the perfect place for dinner and a wine. Walk through the famous vineyards and sit down for a tasting of one of Australia’s most loved wines. Watch as the sun sets over the valley and sit down for a locally sourced meal paired with the perfect vintage wines. Or sit down for a picture-perfect picnic on their beautiful lawns, complete with local gourmet platter and bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine.

From the USA to the Barossa, Lambert Estate is a family owned and loved winery. Take some time to enjoy the estates wines at their brand-new cellar door and contemplate what to take home with you. Delight in a locally sourced meal or sit down for some dessert paired with their famous chocolate port.

With so many wineries across the Barossa Valley it can be hard to choose which one to stop into. What you can be sure of though is no matter where you end up, you’ll find yourself with a stunning view and a delicious glass of wine.

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