Is Hahndorf in the Barossa Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/08/2019

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The splendid blend of green fields, vintage vineyards, and charming towns make up the iconic destination of the Barossa Valley.

But what of the tranquil town of Hahndorf nestled nearby? Is that a part of this tranquil region?

About Hahndorf

The small began in the 19th century, established by a group of Lutheran settlers. Due to this a large portion of the town is German-inspired, with architecture, food, and gardens all with a hearty dose of European culture. The area promises a perfect tranquil stay with your partner or posse, guaranteeing a historic, delicious, and relaxing holiday.

Where is it?

It is not in fact within the Barossa Valley but actually nestled in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. However, as it is notorious for its mouth-watering wineries nearby, and a lot of visitors stack the Barossa Valley and Hahndorf wineries together without realising. However, Hahndorf is teeming with a lot more history and local charm. Home to stunning museums and art galleries depicting the area’s stunning past. As well as multiple charming shops and local restaurants lining the serene streets.

How to get there

Most will travel to not just Hahndorf, but the large stretch of the Adelaide Hills. Guaranteeing not just one town or winery in a day, but a series! As Hahndorf is notorious for a delicious lunch or museum, most visit here before trekking out to the many wineries nestled along the way.

  • By Car

    If you own or have rented a car, travelling can be easy! Simply head off south-east of the city centre and reach the small town within a quick 25-minutes.

  • By Bus

    Worrying about parking fees, petrol, and traffic? Instead, just hop on the public bus that takes you straight to Hahndorf. Operating daily, the Adelaide Metro 864 bus route can let you drink without having to worry about going over. 

  • Bus Tours

    Simply sit back and relax while travelling through the Adelaide Hills when you join a tour! Tours pick you straight up from your Adelaide hotel and take you on an unforgettable journey. guiding you through incredible sights and telling you everything there is to know about Hahndorf without you even having to pick up an information book.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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