Is Tanunda worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/05/2024

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In the heart of the Barossa Valley is a historic town with world-class wines.

Tanunda, Adelaide

If you’re making your way to the Barossa Valley, Tanunda is one town you should not be skipping out on! So, it’s safe to say that Tanunda is absolutely worth visiting!

The traditional owners of the land were here for thousands of years before the German settlers arrived in 1843.

Things to do in Tanunda

Tanunda has plenty of things you can do here during your visit. You could spend a day here or a couple of days to explore more of the Barossa.

Barossa Visitor Centre

When first arriving in Tanunda, the Barossa Visitor Centre should be your first stop. Here is where you can gain an insight into the town and the Barossa Valley. Pick up some maps and guides and speak to the knowledgeable guides.

Town Walk of Tanunda

Follow the historical trail markers throughout the town on the 2.5-kilometre walk to see highlights of Tanunda. The self-guided walk takes you around Tanunda where you can learn more about the town’s history.

You might want to set aside around an hour to do the Town Walk, giving you enough time to walk to each stop and learn about the history.


Of course while in the Barossa Valley, you have to go to a winery or two. Tanunda has a selection of incredible wineries to visit to have a tour and wine tasting.

• Chateau Tanunda
Chateau Tanunda opened in 1890 and is Tanunda’s most famous winery. Chateau Tanunda is where some of the first vines in the Barossa were planted. The building itself is truly remarkable and of course, so is the wine here.

• Rockford Wines
Rockford has traditional and quality wines that come from old vineyards in the Barossa. The old buildings that make up the winery date back to the early settlement of Krondorf! Come by the winery and taste some of the best traditional Australian wines.

• Langmeil Winery
Langmeil Winery is family-owned and operated for over six generations! Langmeil Winery opened in 1842, making it one of the oldest wineries in the Barossa. Come by the winery and learn about the history of Langmeil and the wines.


Murray Street is lined with cafes and restaurants to enjoy a tasty meal in Tanunda.

• Char Barossa
Chat Barossa has a chargrilled-inspired seasonal menu with delicious meals to taste. There is a selection of mains from gnocchi, beef salad, fish of the day, or go for a burger or steak.

• Barossa 50s Diner
Go back in time to the 50s and eat at the Barossa 50s Diner! Grab a milkshake along with a burger or a hot dog and sit down in the red retro booths.

• Tanunda Bakery and Cafe
The Tanunda Bakery offers a range of traditional baked German treats and bread. Make sure you get the famous giant pretzel along with your coffee!

The drive to Tanunda from Adelaide is about an hour or you can book a Barossa Valley tour which stops by the town.

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