Jobs that help make your wine!

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2020

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There’s a lot of people behind that perfect glass you’re drinking with your meal. Several jobs go into crafting and pairing the perfect wine. To help get an understanding of the network of people behind each bottle of wine we’ve broken down just some of the jobs behind your Friday night glass of red.

  • Winemaker


    Winemakers are somewhat the allrounders of the wine industry. They are the ones that make grapes into wine. From harvest to bottle they oversee everything. Winemakers follow the life cycle of the grapes, choosing where when and how long to ferment them for, tasting and grading their juices, even picking out all the debris from when the grapes are first crushed.

    Winemakers tend to get the praise for a bottle of wine. You’ll often see estates proudly showing off their winemakers and singing their praise. Winemakers are the visionaries of the wine industry and have brought the world the many unique wine flavours we’re so accustomed to now.

  • Oenologist


    Oenology is the science and study of wine. An oenologist is an expert in all aspects of winemaking. They are the scientific brains behind your favourite blend.

    Oenologist work primarily in labs, analysing wine and grape juice. They can detect chemicals, micro biotics, acid levels, and other important variants in wine. Without oenologists, wine would never make it to your glass.

    Oenology is important in all wineries, but especially in those making fine wine. It is their job to ensure that any flaws or spoilage in the wine is caught before it becomes an issue, or the wine is bottled.

  • Viticulturist


    Viticulturists are the unsung heroes of wine, for without them there would be no grapes!

    Viticulture is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes for wine. These are the people who care for the vineyards and ensure the grapes have the perfect conditions. This includes pruning and pest control, determining when grapes are best to harvest and irrigation of the vineyard.

    Viticulturists also work very closely with chief winemakers. The two must collaborate to ensure they produce grapes suitable for specific wines. Viticulturists are clever at quickly adapting to changes in growing conditions and are often somewhat fighting against nature to grow the best produce.

  • Sommelier


    A sommelier is a specialist wine waiter, for lack of better words. Sommeliers are highly trained and incredibly knowledgeable individuals who specialise in beverage services.

    Sommeliers are on par with a head chef in the kitchen. They are in charge of drink menus and pairings, as well as training and educating other members of staff.

    Additionally, they manage the upkeep of wine in a restaurant. This includes monitoring the cellar, procuring wines (if not based in a winery restaurant) and rotating bottles as needed.

These are just some of the many people who are helping to get you your delicious glass of wine. So, next time you take a sip remember all these people and be grateful for the delicious bottle their hard work has earned you!

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