Mengler’s Lookout – A bird’s-eye view of the luscious Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is a thriving and productive wine region that provides premium quality bottles of wine from one of the 50 different wineries in the area. These wineries enhance the surrounding natural landscape with their flowing lawns and sweeping vineyards that adorn the lush hillside of the Barossa Ranges.

The decadence of the wine that is produced in this region is undeniably world-class, and a visit to the area would be incomplete without a visit to one of the many cellar doors on offer here. You will have the chance to taste some of the country’s most delicious wines paired with fresh, gourmet meals made in the wineries’ kitchens, but while this region may be first and foremost for wine making, the scenery alone is enough to take your breath away.

Set in a stunning landscape, it’s no wonder that this valley is a prime destination for engagement parties and honeymooners, with picturesque backdrops everywhere you look, it’s next to impossible to take a bad picture here. The vibrant green leaves of trees mingling with the dark green vines and the rich earthy brown of the ground creates a spectacular tapestry that can only be described as breathtaking. Just like many other amazing sights throughout the world, Barossa is better seen from above, and the best way to do this is to travel up to Mengler’s lookout where you will have an incredible panoramic view of this mesmerising wine region. This lookout will provide you with a spectacular view down the valley where you will be able to pick out each of the wineries nestled amongst their vineyards. What makes this view even better is that no matter what the weather may be, whether the sun is shining and illuminating the glossy leaves of the valley in its rich light, or mist is sweeping across the landscape in a romantic display of nature’s true beauty, this lookout is always a worthwhile stop.

Mengler’s lookout also plays host to a wealth of unique sculptures carved from local rock by a number of sculptors from around the world. In 1988 the International Sculpture Symposium was held, bringing artists from France, Japan, Australia and America together to work on carving these magnificent rocks into works of art. More recently, in 2008 the sculpture park was updated with newer rock artworks that provide a truly unique setting atop Barossa Valley’s marvellous landscape.

There are few places in the Valley better for viewing its magnificence than Mengler’s Lookout, and a visit here will be one of the many highlights of your trip to this beautiful region.

Discover the Mengler’s Lookout on our Barossa Valley Wine Tour.

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