What do wine tours include?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/25/2022

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Australia is a wine lover’s wonderland, with rich harvests producing stellar vintages across the country. From the Barossa’s world class Shiraz to the Hunter’s fruity Chardonnay, across to Margaret River’s delightful Cab Sauv and the Yarra’s Pinot Noir, Australia tops the list when it comes to the best of new world vino!

You can expect all the usual delights of Australian wine tasting: sampling fine wine, learning about the winery’s history, inspecting the harvest and, on occasion, partaking in a little wine production yourself!

All of these awesome tasting elements can be expected across the country, including in these world famous wine regions:

The Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is the home of fine Australian wine, being the place where you will find world class names like Peter Lehmann, Seppelt Wines and Yalumba.

No journey to the Barossa is complete without a wine tasting, as you will enjoy some of the region’s fine Shiraz and Riesling amongst its bucolic, earthy landscape that is akin to that of Tuscany’s.

Top it all off with some of the country’s best farmers markets and cooking classes and you will have a pretty fantastic time in the legendary Barossa Valley.

The Hunter Valley

Next up, the glistening Hunter Valley, home to some of the world’s best wineries including Cullen Wines, Brokenwood and Rockford. A cellar door experience in the Hunter Valley always promises to be next level, with fruity Semillon, Riesling, White Burgundy and more putting the region on the map.

What’s more, the Hunter Valley is also a miraculously beautiful place, with lush fields and gorgeous bushland making for the ideal city escape and perfect picnic place (complete with a local vintage, of course!).

Margaret River

Margaret River is world renowned for its divine Cab Sauv and Chardonnay, with the likes of Cape Mentelle, Stella Bella Wines and Xanadu all offering amazing cellar door experiences.

What’s more, Margaret River is a wonderfully beautiful place, and is full of adventure outside of the tipple (think surfing, forest hiking and delightful cuisine all part of the fun).

The Yarra Valley

Another one of Australia’s most revered wine regions is Victoria’s Yarra Valley, and while not as instantly recognisable as the Barossa and Hunter, is an elegant getaway replete with a variety of fine vintages.

The Yarra is known for its range including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz all part of the tasting tour. Be sure to head to awesome wineries like De Bortoli, Helene’s Hill Estate and the Punt Road Winery where spectacular wine is always enjoyed with sumptuous food and gorgeous vistas.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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