What is the oldest winery in the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/14/2022

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The Barossa Valley is Australia’s – and one of the world’s – most celebrated wine regions, with an illustrious history dating back to the early 19th Century. This stunning and fertile region is home to some of the country’s most decorated drops, with names like Chateau Tanunda, Peter Lehmann and Yalumba calling the region home.

The Barossa’s most famous name also happens to be the oldest commercial winery in the region, with Jacob’s Creek first opening their cellar way back in 1847.

Today, Jacob’s Creek is one of the world’s most famous vinos, being sold in bars, restaurants and wine stores anywhere there is a penchant for delicious vino.

What’s more, a Jacob’s Creek cellar door experience is everything you’d expect from such a well-known name. It features a fantastic tasting experience, as well as a table restaurant, stylish accommodation and function centre.

A visit to the Barossa isn’t complete with venturing to the legendary Jacob’s Creek, alongside these awesome cellar door experiences:

Peter Lehmann

If Jacob’s Creek is the biggest name to apply its trade in the Barossa, Peter Lehmann is the most legendary individual to grace its fertile fields.

Lehmann is not only renowned for his fabulous winery, but also for standing up to external corporate influence in the valley, ensuring that his winery – and some of the others – maintained their traditional production ways and didn’t turn to mass production for profit.

History aside, Peter Lehmann winery is simply superb, being a smaller, family-run cellar door experience that is complete with some of the winemaker’s best vintages.

Chateau Tanunda

Chateau Tanunda easily takes the title as the Barossa’s most impressive winery, situated on a literal chateau that would look just as comfortable in Bordeaux as it does in the Barossa.

Naturally, this makes for a pretty ritzy place to enjoy a cellar door, with the amazing building playing host to tastings of the winery’s very best drops!


Perched proudly above the valley in Angaston, Yalumba is another one of the region’s wineries that refused to submit to corporate influence. And why should it have? After all, Yalumba is an awesome winery, with awesome tasting experiences that are a true joy to behold.

They also boast a fantastic events calendar, just in case you’re looking for some extra fun when in the charming and plentiful Barossa Valley…


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