What to see and do in Hahndorf

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/05/2019

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Let your worries fade away as you relax within the tranquil town of Hahndorf.

Nestled just outside Adelaide, the streets are filled with German-inspired architecture, lush greenery, and welcoming local shops. But where do you start? Read our list of the best things you can enjoy while on your Hahndorf adventure.

  • The Farms

    Escape the concrete jungle and head into the area’s lush greenery. Here you can see where all your supermarket purchases truly come from, picking fresh fruit and vegetables straight off the bush. One of the best farms is Beerenberg Strawberry Farm, a family-owned homestead that is swarming with strawberry bushes. Simply grab a basket at the gate and head off, filling it up with a mountain of strawberries straight from the ground. After filling it up to the brim, show it to the farm shop and away you go!

  • The Main Street

    The best way to see the true Hahndorf is to visit the centre hub, filled with all the local shops and gorgeous old German half-timbered buildings. Enjoy breakfast or lunch at the many cafes and restaurants lining the street, or pop into the local craft stores to pick out a truly unique souvenir. Tall trees shade the area, with strikes of sunlight bursting through the branches. Friendly locals will greet you as they pass, giving you a beautiful sense of community in this small town.

  • The Wineries

    What else do you want in life than a crisp glass of wine with some stunning scenery to be paired with it? Hahndorf is home to some exceptional wineries, letting visitors taste the unique drop of the region’s best wines. The best-known wineries include Penfolds, Hahndorf Hill, and Nepenthe Wines, just to name a few. But if you look long enough, you can discover the hidden, alternative wineries which offer an exceptional experience.  

  • The Museums and Galleries

    Hahndorf has a very interesting story, as its heritage still plays a very significant role in its decoration, food, and traditions. Due to the original founders being from German, many museums, landmarks, and galleries will represent this important culture. As well it’s not just German culture floating around, with aboriginal communities’ being the traditional landowners. Many galleries have sections dedicated to the local’s indigenous artwork, giving you a better understanding of their customs and history.

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