What towns are in the Barossa Valley?

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Published: 03/03/2021

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The Barossa Valley is a highly respected and well-known winery region located north east of South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide.

The Barossa Valley itself stretches over 900 square kilometres, with several towns and villages that are home to an abundance of artisan shops, restaurants, cafés and so much more.

Towns you must see while exploring the Barossa Valley

  • 1. Tanunda

    Tanunda, Barossa Valley

    The small town of Tanunda is situated in the centre of the Barossa Valley and is surrounded by some of the best wineries in the world. The streets of Tanunda are lined with beautiful trees and filled with historical heritage buildings that will absolutely leave you impressed with the region. There are several wineries in and around Tanunda where you can taste test red wine from the barrel. There are many gorgeous boutique shops and delicious places to dine in Tanunda.

  • 2. Angaston

    Angaston is known for hosting the Barossa Farmers market that is held every Saturday morning. You will get the chance to taste some of the best local produce, food, and wine from the region, and mingle with those who make the magic happen. Angaston is known for its trendy cafes and restaurants, much like Tanunda. Make sure you also head to the Barossa Valley Cheese Company, to indulge your tastebuds with locally produced deliciousness.

  • 3. Nuriootpa

    Nuripoota is a charming village town in the Barossa. This gorgeous town is home to one of Australia’s most renowned cooks, Maggie Beer. Her farm shop is a terrific place to sit down and enjoy a hearty lunch before heading out to explore the wineries. The main street of Nurioopta is filled with historic shops and cafes which are full of life. Here you can taste test some delicious craft made spirits that are infused with several locally sourced botanicals, making for some unique and delicious drinks.

  • 4. Lyndoch

    The wines produced in Lyndoch are commonly referred to as the best in the world. The highly respected Kellermeister winery is a family-run business with a famous mud-brick cellar door where you can sip on all the delicious wines that are produced here. The scenery surrounding Lyndoch is beautiful, especially the 5 acres of purple lavender fields at the Lyndoch Lavender Farm. There are several restaurants, cafes, and accommodation options to choose from in Lyndoch that are certainly worth checking out.

  • 5. Greenock

    Greenock is often referred to as ‘Little Scotland’, as the town was first founded by Scottish immigrants who brought a lot of their influence to the region. Greenock has stunning architecture, an interesting history and delicious dining with several notable chefs working in the town’s restaurants.

The Barossa Valley is home to so many beautiful towns and villages that are each unique in their own ways. Take a few days exploring the region and ensure that you see as much as possible!

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