What wine is the Barossa famous for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/28/2022

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It’s impossible to hear the word ‘Barossa’ and not immediately think of rolling vineyards and delicious wine.

That’s because located in South Australia – just an hour out from Adelaide – the Barossa is a world-famous wine region. Visited by travellers and locals daily – the extensive list of world-class wineries and cellar doors make this location perfect for a weekend with friends.

Home to some 170 + wineries, there is no doubt you will find a wine that you love here. But which varieties are the most famous? Which ones should you try? Boasting an impressively long lineage of winemaking traditions, it’s certainly worth trying a few.

When it comes to wine varieties – the Barossa does a few of them, and they do them well.

There really is no one type of wine that is most famous here. Best known for high quality red varieties, you’ll find a good drop of shiraz, grenache, Mataro and cabernet sauvignon being produced in many Barossa wineries. If you’re a white wine drinker – be sure to try the Semillon and Resiling on offer.

Shiraz is often the standout of the reds, as varieties age well and present a rich texture. Some of the most premium shiraz varieties are produced right here in Barossa – think Penfold’s Grange and Henschke Hill of Grace.

Wine and dine.

A rich red or a crisp white is best accompanied by a hearty meal. Fortunately, the food produced in Barossa is also top-tier. Wineries are often serviced by restaurants or cellar doors serving up tasty meals and nibbles to pair with your tasting… or your bottle.

Fruit and vegetables, dairy products and high-quality meat are used to create fresh and indulgent meals. Allow your waiter to suggest pairings to enhance your wine and dine experience.

Best Wineries in the Barossa

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to know some of these household names. You may be surprised to know they are found in humble South Australia.

  • Jacobs Creek

    ‘Australia’s most successful wine brand’ is no easy feat – but that’s exactly what Jacobs Creek can claim. Operating since 1847, the vineyards of Jacob’s Creek spread for miles from the Barossa to the Adelaide Hills. Now producing just about every type of wine, you can visit the winery for tastings and picnics on the lawn.

  • Penfolds

    Walk down any wine aisle, in any liquor store and chances are you’ll see the red Penfolds logo looking back at you. The wines and even the winery of Penfolds are multi-award winning. The cellar door in the Barossa Valley allow you to immerse yourself in the luxury of Penfolds, and learn about the rich history of the iconic brand.

  • Wolf Blass

    Not quite as old as Penfold’s or Jacob’s Creek, Wolf Blass is the newer kid on the block. In saying that, they’ve won more than 10,000 awards since 1996. Seems like they know what they’re doing. Wolf Blass imports their grapes from other regions of South Australia like McLaren Vale and Coonawarra. This ensures they product the best wines possible.

So, is a shiraz your preferred drop, or are you keen to try an award-winning Riesling? It’s fair to say the Barossa region would be a good place to have a glass or two of either. You can join a tour to the Barossa and be immersed in a day of delectable wine and striking scenery.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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