When is the best time to visit Hahndorf?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/02/2022

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Located in the Adelaide Hills region and only 30 minutes from Adelaide CBD, Hahndorf is a unique, cozy and picturesque small town that offers a glimpse into the past and is regarded as one of South Australia’s most loved towns.


Can’t make it to Europe just yet? This small town could work for now.
Known for being Australia’s oldest German settlement, Hahndorf has a rich and fascinating history, from both indigenous and migrant beginnings. A walk along the main street of Hahndorf will transport you to a different place, and make you feel as though you are in a small German village.

Complete with German-style architecture, monuments, restaurants, pubs, cafes and grocers selling souvenirs and smallgoods, you can certainly pretend you are taking a stroll through a small Bavarian town, and when you can’t make it to the real place, it is a pleasure to visit and spend the day or a weekend here.

The time of year when you visit Hahndorf will play a hand in your overall experience, so it’s best to know what each season will bring and allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

So, when is the best time to visit Hahndorf?

Like many towns in Australia, the spring and summer months of November through to February tend to be the most popular time to travel anywhere, for obvious reasons! Sunny and warm days, less chance of rain and wind, and balmy evenings make summer days exploring towns an enjoyable experience.

It is definitely worth noting that the summer months in Hahndorf are then also the busiest, so it can be a little harder to secure tables and bookings at the popular restaurants and cafes, and parking around the town can prove tough – you may need to be prepared to park and walk a little, but if the weather is nice, that’s not really a bad thing, right?

Autumn charm in Hahndorf

Obvious summer appeal aside, autumn – between March to June specifically – is a beautiful time to visit. The changing of the leaves from red and orange adds an extra special charm at this time of year, as trees line the streets and come alive in Autumn. And since it is a little cooler, there aren’t quite as many people to compete with for the best spot in the pub.

The advice for this time of year is always come prepared and pack a warm jacket, as it can dip into the lower temperatures, particularly in the early morning and as the sun goes down.

If you are making a day trip specifically to Hahndorf, you should be sure to include strawberry picking at Beerenberg Family Farm – a wholesome activity for people of all ages. The Beerenberg strawberry picking is only open to the public from November to April, so if this is on your list, a trip during the winter months would not be advised!

As it is a small town, many of the stores and restaurants are closed during a couple of days a week in the cooler months, so if you do still decide to head there in winter, try for a weekend to ensure you don’t miss out on the best hospitality and experiences.

European charm and Adelaide’s best wineries? A match made in heaven.

The proximity to the Barossa Valley wine region means you can combine a visit to the town with a winery tour at any of the Barossa wineries – you’ll be impressed by all of them.

The Barossa Valley and Hahndorf Wine Tour is the perfect day tour for exactly that. It has been designed to give you a taste (literally) of all the best parts of the Adelaide Hills. This tour runs year-round on weekdays (excluding Wednesday), because even if the weather is a little dicey, you can’t say a glass of red in a cozy town or winery while it rains outside isn’t appealing.

South Australia has not one, but two exceptional wine regions. So, if you’ve already checked out the Barossa, Mclaren Vale Wine Tour with Hahndorf will have you exploring a different region, complete with stunning views from Mount Lofty and a stop at Glenelg beach to complete the full day trip.

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