Where to get the best food in the Barossa Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/11/2019

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Most people know about the Barossa Valley’s fantastic wines, but did you know the valley is home to amazing food too?

Dining in the Barossa Valley can be a delectable and divine affair. If you’re looking for world class meals, fresh produce and local food, the Barossa is certainly the place to be. Treat yourself to a meal like no other at one of these fantastic restaurants

  • Hentley Farm

    Designed to showcase their award-winning wines, Hentley Farm do not publish their menu. Instead, you will sit down for a seven-course meal of the highest quality. Hentley Farm aims to use all local produce. Firstly they source their ingredients from local suppliers before foraging for more around the restaurant’s property. Set in the old stables of the winery, this intimate dining experience is unmatched.

  • Fino

    Located in one of Australia’s oldest wineries, Seppeltsfield, Fino prides itself in serving quality local sharing platters catering to all guest numbers and expectations. Serving communal share plates, diners can choose from a range of dishes available daily. Menu changes occur as produce comes in and out of season to ensure only the freshest food is served.

  • St Hugo

    A stunning renovated 1850s building is the perfect place to enjoy a meal. With a range of tasting menus to suit all budgets and time restraints, St Hugo aims to engage the senses with their meals. Choose from three, four, or eight courses served with wines from St Hugo’s cellar collection. Chefs have carefully crafted each dish to perfectly compliment their accompanying wine.

  • fermentAsian

    When people heard a Vietnamese restaurant was to open in the Barossa Valley there was concern. How would this international eatery would fit in the high-end Barossa Valley? Well, almost ten years later this rumour has grown into one of the most successful dining spots in the region. Inspired by head chef Tuoi Do’s heritage, fermentAsian has gone from strength to strength. It brings subtly of delicious traditional Vietnamese food Vietnam to Australia’s bold wine region.

  • Appellation at The Louise

    Appellation at The Louise combines fine dining and environmentalism. With the kitchen embracing ancient food traditions, almost nothing is wasted and whatever can be made in house is – from bread to soda water! Appellation serves a five-course set menu using 85% South Australian ingredients to ensure a delightful meal. Each course comes with the perfect wine, to further enhance your experience.

  • Vintners Bar & Grill

    Awarded Best Regional Restaurant multiple times, Vintners Bar & Grill elevates traditional bar meals to the highest standard. As one of the oldest restaurants in the valley, it has evolved to the beauty it is today. With an array of delicious local meals to choose from it can be hard to decided what to order, so why not settle in for multiple courses?

  • Harvest Kitchen

    This share plate extravaganza has opened its doors to the artisans of the Barossa to highlight the wonderful produce of the region in a relaxed atmosphere. Sit down with your friends and choose from their range of delicious plates in a relaxed alfresco environment.

There’s an abundance of incredible restaurants in the Barossa Valley, and no matter where you find yourself, you’ll have a delicious meal.

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