Which Towns should you visit in Adelaide hills?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/19/2019

Reading time: 2 mins

Just outside the sophisticated Adelaide is a vibrant countryside region named the Adelaide Hills.

Home to crisp mornings, sunny days, and cool evenings. The area is bursting with sprawling hills, lush greenery, and fantastic local wineries. But what makes this area so unique, are the little gems of towns and villages that sprinkle within.

  • Echunga

    The small town of Echunga is perfect for a holiday immersing yourself in Adelaide nature. With stunning parklands, expansive reservoirs, and lush farms bursting with fresh food. Settle in one of the cottages laid within the greenery and enjoy crisp morning walks and cosy nights by the fire.

  • Birdwood

    Despite its small size, Birdwood is a great place to visit during your Adelaide Hills vacation. With a vast history, including historic buildings and captivating stories. As well as being a pleasant place to unwind. Travel here and let your troubles fade away as you sit back and enjoy the quiet scenery.

  • Aldgate

    Stroll down the tree-lined streets of charming Aldgate and take in that country charm. The name Aldgate refers to the local hotel Aldgate Pump, which was once used to water the horses which passed through on their way to Echunga goldfields. Despite it not being in use, the pump still stands today, being right next door to the local hotel pub, which serves as a charming historic building and a delicious place for some grub.

  • Crafers

    Being only half an hour journey from Adelaide, Crafers can even be perfect for a quick afternoon or morning trip away from the hustle and bustle. The village’s greatest claim to fame is the Crafers Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in the entire area. Enjoy a delicious hearty lunch here to warm yourself up before heading out to the nearby Mount Lofty Summit. Here you can marvel at stunning panoramic views of Adelaide’s city skyline, taking a few selfies along the way.

  • Hahndorf

    Adelaide’s oldest surviving German settlement is also one of the region’s most popular attractions. With stunning, German-inspired decorations and culture, Hahndorf offers visitors a hearty dose of captivating history and local charm. With stunning art galleries, unique museums, and of course, the delicious wineries sprinkling the greenery.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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