Why is the Barossa Valley so famous?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/19/2019

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Home to over 150 wineries all producing mouth-watering, intense, fruity wines, the Barossa Valley will delight even the most casual wine drinker. 

The Barossa Valley is renowned for its world-class wineries. As one of Australia’s best wine-producing regions the wine produced here is known for its bold and intense flavours. Established over the past 160 years, the Barossa Valley has gained its fame from seven generations of local grape growers and winemakers. Today we’re introducing you to some of the wineries that have helped the Barossa Valley build its impeccable reputation.

  • Jacobs Creek

    With over a century of wine making history, Jacobs Creek knows how to make wine. First opening in 1847, it was the Barossa Valley’s first commercial winery. Today, they sell their wine in over 80 countries. Not only have they grown an international name for themselves, but Jacobs Creek ranked first in the 2008 World’s 100 Best Wineries. Jacobs Creek produces white, red, and sparkling wines, so no matter your taste you will find a wine you love!

  • Langmeil

    In a valley of winemakers, you need to make sure your wine stands out and Langmeil has done just that! Home of the world’s oldest shiraz vineyard, Langmeil found new life in 1996 after falling on hard times in the 1980s. Today a bustling business, Langmeil raves about their vintage The Freedom 1843 Shiraz, calling it their pinnacle of winemaking. Langmeil will provide you with more than just a tasting, but an experience. With a rich history and delicious products, this winery is one to remember.

  • Chateau Yaldara

    Named after the local Aboriginal word for ‘sparkling’, Chateau Yaldara opened in 1867. Home of one of the Barossa’s first boutique winemakers, Hermann Thumm, Chateau Yaldara Wines has maintained his legacy of wine experimentation. Today, Chateau Yaldara Wines prides itself on wines with variety and harmony.

    Pair your wine with a meal prepared at the Chateau restaurant, which uses locally produced artisan foods and all South Australian ingredients. Or sit down for a tasting and learn about the art of fortified wines.

  • Peter Lehmann Winery

    Peter Lehmann was a legend of Australian wine. Born in the Barossa to wine making parents, he became a highly skilled red winemaker at a young age. In the 1970s, the Barossa Valley found itself with a serious grape surplus. So, Lehmann made it his mission to maintain the livelihoods of the local growers. Fast forward forty years and the community Lehmann brought together is strong once again, and his legacy is honoured with the production of The Futures wines annually. A specialist will lead you through your tasting at Peter Lehmann winery, guided by your taste preferences and wine knowledge. Your host will transport you through the 14 sub-regions of the Barossa. Plus, they’ll walk you through the tastes and smells of the wine you drink.

The wineries of the Barossa Valley are rich with history and hardship. No matter which winery you find yourself at, if you’re in the Barossa Valley you’ll have great wine and a famously great time.

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