Langmeil Winery

In the heart of the Barossa Valley, wine culture reigns strong. In this tipple-heavy part of Australia, eager visitors tuck into tasty wines and delicious seasonal dishes. The sweeping valley is home to a number of wineries, including the Langmeil Winery.


At its core, Langmeil is a family run affair that provides visitors with more than just a wine tasting experience. As you explore the vineyards and get to know the people behind the wines, you’ll have the chance to learn about how the wine is made, the history of the winery, and get to soak up the stunning views that surround it.

The History of Langmeil

Founded way back in 1842 by Christian Auricht, a Prussian settler, the winery quickly formed part of one of the district’s first villages and became a popular wine-growing hotspot. In 1843, Auricht planted what is thought to be the oldest known Shiraz vineyard in the world, which is still going strong today. It continues to product the winery’s flagship tipple – The Freedom Shiraz.

Today, the winery focuses on bringing authentic flavours that it has become known for into the present day, emulating the cultural charm of Barossa Valley through its delicious flavours and welcoming staff.

The Wines of Langmeil

Langmeil Wines

As well as The Freedom Shiraz, which the winery is best-known for, it also produces a number of other top-name wines. This includes the Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz, which aims to reflect the principles of the vineyard’s owners – six generations of Barossa families.

It is made using Langmeil fruit and fruits from local growers to ensure it is imbued with a local flavour. Each bottle is completely handmade to ensure the flavours are kept light and crisp. To do this, the fruit is de-stemmed rather than crushed to give it its unique flavour, before it is fermented in a traditional open basket and then Langmiel 1matured in American oak barrels for between 18 to 24 months.

The winery is also popular for its Langmeil Village Range, which is the purest collection of wines that reflect the true flavours of the region, and the Langmeil Old Vine Garden Range, which is a collection of prestigious wines created using 35-125-year-old vines from the region.

It is clear to see the winemakers at Langmeil place a heavy emphasis on local flavours, using fruits from nearby and imbuing each wine collection with a distinct flavour created by the ancient selection of Barossa vines.

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