Murray Street Vineyards, Barossa Valley

Australia’s Barossa Valley is one of the most famous wine producing regions in the world.

Murray Street Vineyards

It’s home to a number of well-established cellar doors and picturesque vineyards, all of which are nestled between rolling hills and spectacular views. Many of the wineries in the Valley date back a hundred years and are imbued with Australia’s rich winemaking history, but there are also some newer vineyards on the block, like Murray Street Vineyards.

At less than twenty years old, it’s one of the newer offerings in the area. Even so, it was created with the traditional aspects of Barossa Valley winemaking in mind, though it has a heavy modern twist.

Today, it is managed by a small team who are keen to make it a sustainable addition to the landscape. The vineyard has quickly become known as one of the best in the Valley thanks to its production of environmentally-friendly wines.

The Backstory of Murray Street Vineyards

The vineyard was founded in 2001 by US investment banker Bill Jahnke and Andrew Seppelt, a pioneer of the Australian winemaking world.

Less than a decade after its birth, the wines produced at Murray Street Vineyards had quickly earned themselves a number of international accolades, with the on-site Greenock tasting room becoming known as the “Best Cellar Door in Barossa”.

Today, Seppelt is no longer as heavily involved in the running of the vineyard. Instead, the Jahnke family have taken the reigns with Bill teaching the next generation of his family the new-age technologies and old-age techniques that are used to create the unique flavours.

Murray Street Vineyards is renowned for its different winemaking process that incorporates the use of native flora. And, when it comes to wine tasting at the cellar door, it’s a wholly relaxing experience set in a lounge overlooking the incredible views of the Barossa Valley. While tucking into the unique flavours, visitors are also welcome to sample platters of locally produce meats, cheeses, and breads.

The Wines of Murray Street Vineyards

  • 2012 Black Label Shiraz

    Murray Street Vineyards is best-known for its production of Shiraz, and its Black Label offering is filled with the rich heritage of this flavourful grape.

  • 2014 Black Label Semillon

    Grown from vines planted on the Greenock estate in the late 40s, the Semillon boasts a rich citrus flavour.

  • 2013 Black Label Cabernet

    Because it’s made using fruits from High Eden, Koonunga, and central Barossa, the Cabernet has a full, rich flavour that tastes like no other.