Seppeltsfield Winery, Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is renowned for its excellent wines and its vast history of wine making. Dating back to 1851, the Seppeltsfield is one of the most iconic wine estates in the region.


It was originally opened by Joseph and Johanna Seppelt about fifteen years after the Europeans descended on Australia, and it quickly became one of the biggest and most contemporary wineries in the world at that time.

The winery boasts a colourful heritage and has helped shaped Australia’s world-famous wine industry ever since it was established. Joseph and his son, Benno, were famed for having a long-term vision for the winery and the surrounding wine industry in the Barossa Valley, and many of these visions are still a part of the estate today. Take the Centennial Cellar, for instance, which is a unique system where single barrels are matured for around 100 years before they are released into the public.

Since 1978, there has been a tradition that sees the estate lay down a barrel of the finest wine from each vintage every single year – a tradition that still continues today.

Even now, the Seppeltsfield Winery is the only winery in the world that still releases a 100-year-old single vintage wine each year.

Things to Do at the Seppeltsfield

There are numerous things for visitors to do at the Seppeltsfield Estate to get a better insight into the unique winemaking process that has made it such a frontrunner in the world’s wine industry.

  • Centenary Tasting

    Centenary Tasting

    In the Centenary room, visitors can sample a 100-year-old Para Vintage Tawny – one of the specialties of the estate, and perhaps the biggest draw for many tourists.

  • Moments in History

    A fun addition to the Seppeltsfield Estate is the Moments in History tour, where visitors can sample wines from some of the world’s most historical and famous events. Not only does this tour give you an insight into the unique winemaking techniques used on the estate, but it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating history that surrounds this part of Australia and further afield.

  • Taste Your Birth Year

    One of the most unique offerings at the Seppeltsfield Estate is the chance to try a vintage Tawny from your own birth year directly from the barrel. There are very few wineries in Australia, let alone the region, that let you do this.

  • Years of World War I

    As well as a tour through generic world history, the Seppeltsfield Estate also runs a Years of World War I tour, where visitors can sample Tawny port that was created during the years of World War I.

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