Black Label Flavours at the Wolf Blass Winery

If there’s one place wine lovers can get their kicks in Australia, it’s in the Barossa Valley. This picturesque region is renowned for its extensive collection of world-famous wines, and is best-known for being the birthplace of Australian Shiraz.

The valley itself hosts a Mediterranean-style climate that makes it the perfect place for red grapes to thrive – which also makes it the perfect place for the Wolf Blass Winery.

This Barossa offering dates back to 1966, when German immigrant Wolfgang Blass opened it up and started producing some of the country’s most memorable wine flavours. And, though the winery is based in the centre of the Barossa Valley, it differs from some of the other wineries in the region because it uses grapes from South Australia.

As a result, the house wines take on a unique flavour and a distinctive character that no other Barossa Valley winery can claim.

Visiting the Wolf Blass Winery (and Tasting the Unique Flavours)

When you arrive at the winery, your first stop should be the Wolf Blass Visitor Centre. Set next to the opening to the very original winery, it gives you the chance to delve deep into the fascinating history of the building and try some of the stand-out flavours that have been created under its roof over the years.

Make sure to stop off at the Black Label Wall, which is an extensive display of every Black Label vintage since 1973. It’s a great way to see every Wolf Blass iconic label in the same place – not to mention it’s the only collection of its kind in the world.

Elsewhere, you can witness a life-size piece of art titled “Wolfie” that was created by David Bromley, a famous Australian artist. It was made especially for the winery’s 80th birthday and depicts Wolfgang Blass wearing the bow tie that became his trademark.

The best part of the winery though, by far, is getting to try its delicious flavours. Visitors can indulge in the on-site tasting room, where there are a selection of interactive wine experiences the divulge fascinating insights into the winemaking process. Choose to sip the Black Label straight from the barrel or, if you’d rather go alcohol-free, grab a coffee and a sweet treat in the café.

The Barossa Valley is at the heart of Australia’s wine industry, and the Wolf Blass Winery is a great place to start your explorations of the region.

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