How many days do you need in the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/18/2021

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The Barossa Valley is Australia’s most hallowed wine region: a gorgeous landscape of rolling hills, vineyards and elegant wineries pouring some of the (officially) world’s finest drops into eager glasses.

Barossa Valley

Whether you’re spending a lazy day meandering from cellar door to cellar door, tasting the region’s fine Shiraz, Riesling and Chardonnay, or heading to a couple of world class farmers markets, the Barossa is a bon vivant’s paradise and a rite of passage for any lover of all things of the grape and gourmet variety.

A weekend in the Barossa is the perfect amount of time to experience the region for all its fertile glory, but you could easily stay for a week, wining, dining and generally good-timing as you sit back, relax and enjoy some of the finest food and wine to come out of the wide land of Oz!

Let’s take a further look into what makes Barossa Australia’s gourmand focal point…

The wineries are just that top notch

When you have the names Peter Lehmann, Seppelt and Yalumba all in the local vicinity then you know you have plopped yourself down in a winning wine spot. There are plenty of tours that take you across some of the Barossa’s leading wineries, where the cellar doors are elegant and the wine is of the finest quality!

Whatever vino variety gets you going: Shiraz, Chardonnay, Semillon, Riesling or something else, the Barossa has you covered in great quantity and top quality… We highly recommend the cellar doors of each of the aforementioned wineries to gain a tantalising insight into the history, and pedigree, of Barossa vino.

It’s a fresh produce paradise

Naturally, a region that produces top notch wine is going to be a haven for some pretty delightful eating too, right? Well, the Barossa is absolutely no exception, as the region boasts some of Australia’s best food and top restaurants.

The best way to immerse yourself in Barossa’s bounty of quality produce? By heading to the farmer’s markets, of course! The Barossa Valley Farmers Market at Angaston and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market each serve up their own wonderful cornucopia, with the likes of fresh produce, milk, cheese, meat, seafood and wine all encompassing the elegant stalls.

Pair some of the top class food with some local wine and you have yourself a pretty good afternoon set in this most enchanting part of Australia.

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