What is Hahndorf known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/17/2021

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When people think of Hahndorf, the little town nestled in the Adelaide Hills, they immediately think of fachwerk buildings and wiener schnitzel.

Hahndorf, South Australia

And whilst your immediate thoughts are on point, and that there is a charming abundance of German architecture and cuisine in Hahndorf, there is plenty more to this heritage Germanic settlement!

But for the fun of it, let’s start with the awesome Allemagne influence.

  • Peruse Main Street

    Because upon arriving in Hahndorf you will probably want to take in some of its German culture. Hahndorf’s Main Street is renowned for its German influence: the buildings are made in the traditional post and beam style, the shops contain German trinkets, souvenirs and confectionaries, and cafes and restaurants play upbeat Bavarian music.

  • Head to Hahndorf Farm Barn

    This is the perfect family outing: your kids will absolutely delight in visiting this charming farm just outside of Hahndorf’s centre. Kids get the opportunity to feed camels, lambs, calves and donkeys, as well as pet rabbits and guinea pigs, see peacocks, kangaroos and wallabies.

    Did I say the kids will love it? It’s safe to say this place is a joy for any animal lover, adults included.

  • Stop off at Beerenberg Family Farm

    Located right near Hahndorf Farm Barn is the Beerenberg Family Farm, another fun filled visit just outside the town centre. This place is great for both kids and adults as the little ones can pick their own strawberries (from November to April), whilst parents can take in all the wondrous produce Beerenberg is renowned for. See the cooks at work and take home a cornucopia of delectable jams other assorted produce – a win for all.

  • Visit Hans Heysen’s home

    Hans Heysen is revered as Australia’s “first celebrity artist”, and he and his family enjoyed a comfortable life at the Cedars, located a short walk from Hahndorf. The Cedars is now open for tours and garden visits from Tuesday to Sunday, with guests enjoying the antiquated property (the home has barely changed since the Heysen family lived there).

    There are also plenty of works from Heysen, his equally-revered daughter Nora, and a host of other artists featured in The Cedars Collection, a peaceful change from the excitement of both town and farms.

Hahndorf is one of Australia’s favourite tourist gems, with over 100,000 annual visitors enjoying its quaint heritage, delicious produce and creative history. We recommend spending a few days there, and, of course, enjoying a few steins of imported German beer after a day’s exploring.

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