Wine Tasting at Murray Street Vineyards

The Barossa Valley boasts the perfect environment for grape growing, which makes it one of the most popular winemaking regions in the world. Dating back to the 1840s, it has been a stalwart part of the wine growing world for centuries and continues to produce household names year after year.

Today, it is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as modern-day additions to the scene that pursue new-age winemaking practices within a historic context.

Murray Street Vineyards comes under the latter category. Founded in 2001, its aim was to honour Barossa Valley’s rich winemaking traditions and elevate the high standard of winemaking in Australia for future generations.

The vineyards are all managed and maintained in a sustainable way, as the team are focused on creating a healthy legacy for future winemakers. To create their distinct flavours, they use new world technologies alongside traditional techniques, which gives a distinct flavour to the estate grown Shiraz and Shiraz blends that they specialise in.

Wine Tasting at Murray Street Vineyard

The best part about visiting the vineyards in the Barossa Valley is the chance to taste some of the delicious produce.

At Murray Street Vineyards, you can try out some of the many flavours the winery produces each year. Tuck into a unique set of flavours while enjoying the incredible sweeping backdrop of the Barossa Valley.

The tastings are the winery are unique in that visitors can sit on the picturesque veranda or in the pretty lounges while they sample the Shiraz’s and Shiraz blends. Accompanying platters of local meat and cheese are served up alongside the wines for a complementary experience.

The Vineyards

The Greenock Estate Vineyard

Murray Street Vineyards is home to two separate vineyards, each of which boast their own unique scenery and diverse flavours. The Greenock Estate Vineyard is home to Grenache and Semillon plantings that date back around 50 years, producing full-bodied wines like Shiraz, Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Semillon.

The Gomersal Estate sits on top of a hill surrounded by an exceptional array of flora and fauna. Rocky hillsides peter down into the valley below, which is the perfect planting ground for Shiraz, Viognier, and Marsanne. Wines produced at this vineyard boast a rich, signature flavour.

If you’re looking to try a diverse selection of wines from the Barossa Valley, Murray Street

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