How to Visit the Barossa Valley During Covid-19

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/07/2020

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Getting thirsty for a day wine tasting the Barossa Valley?

Luckily for you, our 1 Day Wine and Food Lovers Barossa Valley tour is open to the public, with safety procedures making this tour possible! Escape the stress of Covid-19 for the day and head out into the lush greenery of the Barossa Valley. Visiting a number of fabulous wineries and restaurants while you admire this picture-perfect landscape.

What you can see during the Tour

  • Jacobs Creek

    Jacobs Creek is one of the best-known wine brands in Australia, being the top tourist spot in the Barossa Valley. Named after the small creek which runs through the wine brand’s land, set amongst a stunning collection of ancient bushland and River Red Gums. Visitors can visit this state-of-the-art cellar door and learn about this grand wineries’ long history. Due to it being in the heart of the township of Tanunda, the tour will pop into this charming stop right after their hour at mid-morning at Jacobs Creek.

  • Peter Lehmann Winery

    For lunch, the tour will stop at the popular Peter Lehmann Winery. Being one of the best-loved stops, due to its incredible cuisines that go perfectly with its wine. Despite it being one of the newer wineries in the region, Peter Lehmann has made a reputation for being a must-to stop during lunchtime. The best thing on the menu by far is the Weighbridge Platter. Which combines a collection of local produce, such as meats, cheeses, and chocolates with their range in wine.

  • Langmeil

    One of the most historic wineries of the Valley is Langmeil, home to the oldest Shiraz vineyard around. A family-run winery, with plenty of passion to give out to the guests! The winery produces a number of top-name wines, from red to white to sparkling, so visitors can finish off the afternoon in style.

  • Mengler’s Hill Lookout

    After having your fill of the wineries, head to Mengler’s Hill Lookout for some mesmerizing views. Taking in the entire region of the Valley in one picture-perfect lookout. Ending your day filled with delicious wine and food with a dessert of bushland beauty.

Indulge in your love of wine and scenery with this one day away in Barossa Valley, leaving behind your stresses and exploring the stunning scenery of the region!

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