Where is Jacob’s Creek in Australia?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/08/2021

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Jacob’s Creek is one of Australia’s most celebrated wineries, producing some of the country’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Shiraz.

Wine tasting at Jacobs Creek

But what’s even better about Jacob’s Creek is its extraordinary cellar door and accommodation experience!

The award-winning location comprises a stunning cellar door, restaurant, function spaces, walking trails and a gorgeous homestead where guests can rest their tipsy heads.

It’s only natural that such a revered wine label would have such an incredible winery, located in the heart of the Barossa Valley, just an hour and half’s drive from Adelaide!

The Barossa Valley is renowned for its world class wineries like that of Jacob’s Creek, having been a designated wine making region for over 150 years. Today, the region is home to the likes of the eponymous Jacob’s Creek, Peter Lehmann, Seppeltsfield Vineyard, all producing delightful seasonal varieties from local grapes.

There is plenty to do in Jacob’s Creek and throughout the Barossa, as it is a true gourmand’s paradise.

Let’s take a look at some of those amazing experiences below…

Winery hopping

Whilst you have to check out the home of Australia’s most marketable wine, the Barossa Valley is also Australia’s ultimate region for a spot of world class winery hopping! The style and effort put into the cellar door experiences throughout the Barossa are second-to-none throughout the country, with incredible locations playing host to our top wine and delightful produce.

Be sure to head to both Peter Lehmann and Seppeltsfield for their cellar door experiences – they are both gems!

Maggie Beer’s Farm

Maggie Beer is an Australian cultural and gastronomic icon (and not only for producing this writer’s favourite-ever spag bol recipe!). Her cooking show and eponymous food label are a delight to the senses, and it should come as no surprise that she applies her wondrous skills in what is probably Australia’s best region for top produce.

Therefore, a visit to the Maggie Beer Farm Shop is a Barossa must! Not only is it replete with all the delicious goodies made onsite, but there are also verjuice making demonstrations, cooking classes and an elegant cottage where you can stay the night!

Finish it off with some farmers market goodness…

We just said it: the Barossa makes some of Australia’s finest produce, so be sure to head to both the Barossa Farmers Market and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market – you’ll find some pretty sumptuous produce at both…

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