Where is the Barossa Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/01/2021

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The Barossa Valley holds the title as Australia’s most celebrated wine region, producing some of Australia’s most sought-after drops.

Hot Air Balloon in Barossa Valley

A trip to the Barossa Valley is a dream for bon vivants, who relish in the opportunity to enjoy the region’s fine wines and first class produce.

Whether you’re meandering the Barossa’s charming markets or stopping in for a cellar door experience at one of the world’s top wineries, the Barossa Valley is perfect for connoisseurs and tourists alike.

Situated just an hour and a half’s drive from Adelaide, you will know you’ve reached this sparkling region when you start to see rolling vineyards and magical hills.

So, now that you’ve arrived in the finest wine region in the Southern Hemisphere, what are some of the incredible things you can do in this most revered part of the world?

  • Let’s be honest, you’re here for a drop or two

    Because the Barossa Valley is one of the world’s top wine regions and it would be wrong to bypass a cellar door or three! The Barossa is home to legendary names like Penfold’s Peter Lehmann Wines and Seppelt Winery, with these producers taking home myriads of international awards for their world class vinos. The Barossa is also home to producers of fine fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats, which are the perfect accompaniment to any Barossa Valley cellar door experience.

    Don’t miss the Peter Lehmann Winery – its cellar door experience is like no other – with beautiful wine accompanied with freshly baked bread, cured meats and cheeses all taking part in a truly vibrant garden setting.

  • Because who doesn’t love Maggie Beer?

    Maggie Beer is a Barossa Valley icon, not to mention an icon of Australian gastronomy in general. No visit to the Barossa Valley is complete without stopping off at the farm shop of Australia’s favourite gourmand! The Maggie Beer Farmshop is replete with the goodies that make her a household name, think gorgeous sauces, jams and condiments, as well as awesome verjuice demonstrations – how much fun!

  • Stop by the farmers markets

    Okay, we think you get the idea: the Barossa Valley is a foodie’s paradise. So, why not take your slightly weary, post-winery head on down to one of the region’s top farmers markets? The Barossa Valley Farmers Market is perfect for honey, olive oil, olives and pastries, while the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is a winner for local wine, small goods and seafood – the perfect start for a charming Barossa Valley date night!

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