Why You Should Return to the Barossa valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/14/2020

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Often when we travel it can be easy to fall into the old trap of we’ve been there once before, there’s no need to go again.

Why are we so foolish! We travel to these amazing places, fall in love and choose to never return? So we’re here to give you a whole list of reasons why you should, definitely, without a doubt return to the Barossa Valley.

It changes season to season

When was the last time you went to the Barossa Valley? Perhaps it was summer when the sun was blistering hot and the vineyards were packed with picnickers and outdoor musical acts. Or maybe you sat cosied up next to an open fire with a deep glass of red for a perfect rainy day afternoon.

Wow, they’re two very different scenes! But they’re both in the Barossa, and here’s the thing, the Barossa will give you a new experience every time you go. Each season in the Valley looks, feels and tastes different. New menus hit the restaurants, meals are paired with new wines, different produce and vintages are released for you to enjoy.

Plus, the Valley is alive with events every season of the year. Swing by one year for the summer concerts and come back the next for the winter markets. Wander through the blooming vines in Spring or watch as this green oasis glows orange as autumn settles in. There are so many fantastic reasons to visit at different times each year.

Hit up new wineries

There are 150 wineries in the Barossa Valley. One hundred and fifty. Now, we’re happy to be proven wrong, but there is no way you could get to each of those 150 wineries or respective 80 cellar doors in one weekend trip. Even if you were here for a week you couldn’t get them all.

So, book another trip to the Valley and come see a whole host of new wineries. Experience different blends and vintages taste the difference soil quality and chemical makeup has on different wines, and meet a whole range of new wine professionals.

With 80 cellar doors to visit there are also an abundance of unique wine tasting events and experiences for you to join. Return and treat yourself to a bespoke tasting or head deep into the century-old barrels at Penfolds. There’s truly an incredible array of winery experiences for you to have that will only enhance your trip.

You’ve run out of wine

If new events, sights, wines and tastings isn’t convincing enough to get you to come back, we think this reason will. You went to the Barossa, you fell in love with some wine, you purchased some to take home with you. But now you’re out. It’s been a month or two and you’ve drunk yourself dry. There’s only one thing you can do. Come on back to the Barossa and buy yourself another case!

Sure, you could order It online or through a supplier, but where is the fun in that. We know you want to go right to the source, see the people that make it, thank them for their craft.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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